Robyn Robotics is a Swedish company devoted to make product that offers increased quality of life to people suffering of dementia.

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There is currently no treatment that cures dementia, consequently it is emphasized that research in the context of dementia should focus on caring and nursing to improve the well-being of persons which in various ways are affected by the disease; as the patient, family members and professional care givers. Alternative forms of treatment such as art, music, dance, singing, massage and pets are suggested. However, in nursing homes it is not always possible to have a pet; with concern for the animal but also due to problems related to pets at institutions; allergies, risk of rough treatment with adherent risk of injuries for the person with dementia. Also spread of contagion is a risk, by these arguments.

JustoCat® has been developed as an alternative. JustoCat® has been developed in collaboration between Lars Asplund (full professor in computer science/robotics) Christine Gustafsson (researcher in caring science) and consultations with professional care givers at Attendo Care Eskilshem, in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The accepted method of reminiscence and good memories of cats has been used as a point of departure. JustoCat® has is somewhat similar features to a living cat, and it is easy to change skins / wash skin and that it will be offered at an affordable cost. An initial pilot research study has shown very good results.

The main product, JustoCat® idea and development has its origin at Mälardalen University, and has been supported by

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