We have opened up a limited sales over Internet. JustoCat® will be available for you in the near future, but you already now order a JustoCat® from Robyn Robotics AB by sending a message using Order/Buy a JustoCat from Robyn Robotics AB (JustoCat page)

With JustoCat® in your lap, you will immediately start to pad it. JustoCat® is as big and heavy as a real cat, it behaves in many aspects like a real cat, but it is not a real cat. It can therefore be used in care of people suffering from dementia, both in private homes and special housings/nursing homes.

JustoCat® does not need to be fed, it will stay in your lap for a very long time, it does neither bother people with allergies. The fur can be taken off and washed in a washing machine.

The batteries lasts for many days, but it is recommended that JustoCat® is charged every night – you do not want the batteries to be out in the middle of the day.

JustoCat® is proven being a tool in the interaction between the person suffering of dementia and the career, no matter if the career is a relative or a professional caregiver.